Marc Quinn Summer
2016 - Edition (20)
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Photographer Vision

This highly provocative work is a confection to challenge the viewers perception of attraction and taste. It takes its name from Marc Quinn, the British Sculptor who famously cast his head in his own frozen blood, exposing the artists own DNA for the world to see. Inspired by Quinn’s working practices, the Photographer has produced an original work exploring how something deliciously innocent and comforting can be made unsettling. However, he is keeping its questionable production methods and ingredients a well-kept secret. 

The Photograph has achieved international success to a wide-ranging list of Art Collectors and buyers including the CEO / Chief Architect of a major interior design studio in Milan, Italy, London Bankers and Creatives in Surrey, through to family homes in Germany and the USA.

Photograph shot in Walton on Thames, Surrey.
Image and text are © Colin Pearce Photographer

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