Marc Quinn Summer
2016 - Edition (20)
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Photographer Vision

Ice lolly heaven or Modern Art hell? Marc Quinn Summer is at the very core of a new series of work created under the title of Hoax. The Photograph presents the viewer with what could be an innocent ready-made or an unsettling handmade sculpture? It references the work "Self" by British Artist Marc Quinn, a self-portrait of the artist, but one that literally uses his body as material since the cast of Quinn's head, immersed in frozen silicone, was created from ten pints of his own blood ( See thumbnail above ). 

Here, the Photographer is mimicking or hoaxing Quinn’s working practices whilst creating his own unique work. The colour and textures match but the lollies ingredients remain unclear. The piece goes on to challenge our perception of an object once we are told it may contain something bad. This creates a juxtaposition of wanting and desire crossed with distaste and repulsion. The Lolly shape is used to convey the memory of childhood comfort and reassurance whilst the Photographers own bite adds a seductive yet sinister edge. The iconic ice cream branding of Walls on the stick has been replaced with the works own title.

Photograph shot in Walton on Thames, Surrey.
Image and text are © Colin Pearce Photographer

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Self by Marc Quinn