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2016  Hoax   
2015  Humans Vs Replicant  
2014  Identity
2013  Black Code

Colin Pearce Photography Catalogue
I am a voyeur. As the definition states “one who looks”. My obsession is with the detail, the mundane and the juxtaposition of texture and tone. The way we treat each other and nature are at the heart of my work. In London we are both the Voyeur and the focus of others attention. How we look, behaviour and follow others is logged and recorded. Each work has traces of my own life, my joy, my sorrow and my hope. It questions our own future and that of our world. It exposes our perceptions, beliefs and questions social behaviours and patterns. The work is highly personal, organic and experimental by design. It is a response, a second in time expressing the way my mind processes information, feelings and emotion. As an Artist I am totally free. I produce work for my own need to understand the world I live in, my surroundings and the impact that relationships with both the human and natural worlds have on me. I now invite you to explore the Catalogue in full by hitting Catalogue ( Complete ) or use the Projects links on the right to fast-track to certain work. ​

Images and text © Colin Pearce Photographer 2018. 
I dedicate this work to Sal for love, belief and inspiration during its creation.